WFCA After School Program

Wake Forest Charter Academy After School Program

Hello WFCA Families,

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. It has been brought to our attention from a large number of inquiries, that WFCA has discontinued their after school program next year, and instead offering an option with the YMCA. The YMCA offers a great program for kids but if you are looking for a different option we have opened up a few additional spots in our WFCA After School Program this year.

Play Date is a drop-in Childcare center next door to the school for kids up through 12 years of age. We have an after school program as well but have been at full capacity for the past three years since we started it for the school. We currently have a number inquiries from families are looking for an alternative to the new YMCA program and because of this we are adding staff, opening a few more spots and offering them to new families starting in August. If you would like to secure one of the few open spots please review our Q&A section below. Please email us at and we will send you the link to register and secure a spot.

We also now will be starting a before school program as well if we can get enough registrations. If you are interested in the before school program, we will be opening for drop-off starting at 6:30 AM and we will walk the children over to the school at 8AM. The price for this is only $90/month. If you register for this and we do not get enough interest we will offer a full refund of the initial payment. As a bonus, if you are enrolling in the after school program as well, we will waive the registration fee for the morning program.

Both links are below to sign up. On these pages if you have more than one child you are enrolling please put the number of children in each of the fields for membership and registration fee. If you have any questions about these programs, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to help.


After School Q&A

What is the cost? 
A: The after school program is $180/mo per child. It covers every weekday from 3-6 PM. If you do pick up past 6PM, which is not a problem, there is a charge at regular rates billed in 15min increments. There is an annual registration fee of $35/child as well. The first payment is a prorated amount for the partial month of August and a full month payment for September and the registration fee totaling $305.00 per child. We do not have a discounted rate for multiple children in the same family due to the limited number of spots available. On half days we do pick up the children at 11:30 but only the hours from 3-6 are covered in this payment. Regular rates will apply for the hours from 11:30 until 3PM.

Transportation: We do not use a vehicle to transport the children. Because we are right next door we have staff members walk the children from the school in the back right to our door.

Activities: As a childcare center we do a lot of fun activities with the kids including crafts, games, stories and free play. We encourage kids to do their homework when they arrive and everyone usually spends 15-20 minutes together doing homework. While we are not teachers the staff do encourage them to do so and make it fun for the kids to work together.

Snacks: Kids are welcome to bring nut free snacks with them. We also have healthy choice snacks available for purchase for only $1 or $2. We always have free bottled water for the kids when they ask.

If you do not need after school care every day we do offer our drop in service at regular rates for anyone who is interested. If you want them picked up from school on a certain day, please call and let us know prior to that day. There is a REQUIREMENT to call BOTH the school and our center to let us know otherwise we are NOT Able to pick them up from school that day.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us and we will be happy to answer them.

We only have a limited number of open spots so we will honor them on a first payment basis. If you enroll and we run out of spots we will notify you and add you to the waiting list on a first come basis. If a spot opens up, we will then let you know and the registration and first payment will be due to secure it. If you pass we will then offer it to the next person on the list.

We look forward to meeting more awesome WFCA faces this year.

Thank you

Play Date Drop-In Childcare