FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Drop-In Childcare at Play Date's is a Fun, Safe, Affordable and Convenient Experience. We understand that when you leave your child with us, you are entrusting us with your pride and joy. We feel honored and privileged by this and ensure that we will treat your child as the unique individual that she or he is. Always feel free to speak with us at any time about any questions or concerns that you may have. 

Fun, Friendships, Crafts, Explore, Music:  Play Date's environment is perfectly suited for children from 12 months and walking through 12 years old (the day before their 13th Birthday). We have many exciting and fun activities, crafts, group games, music and dance activities to explore while you maximize your day. We provide the opportunity for your children to learn and explore through PLAY. We have incorporated exciting activities throughout the day that allow your children to engage through play to enhance their Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Language, Fine and Gross Motor Development Domains.  

The Play Date's Staff will provide a secure, productive, and FUN environment for your child to make memories, friendships and have fun! 

 Q: Caregiver Ratios? 

A:    While children are at Play Date, they are in good hands. We are staffed appropriately to handle the ratios of younger and older children. There is always a Staff Member at Play Date on-call in the event that additional support is needed.  

Q: What days and times are you OPEN? 

A:    Play Date's Hours of Operation:  

Monday-Thursday      8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. 

Friday                                 8:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m. 

Saturday                           10:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m. 

Sunday                               CLOSED 

Date Nights are Friday and Saturday Nights- any 3 hours between 6p.m.-10p.m. 

(*Center will close at 7:00 p.m M-Thu., if there are no children in facility) 


Q: Weather? 

A:    Play Date follows the Wake County Public Schools inclement weather policy.  If the schools have a 1-2 hour delay, we will OPEN at 10:00 a.m. 

We will always post on our Facebook page and website if inclement weather causes any closings or delays.  


Q: Closings and Holidays? 

A:    We will be CLOSED to observe the following Holidays: 

New Year’s Day 

Easter Sunday 

Memorial Day 

Independence Day 

Labor Day 


Christmas Day 


Q: Do I need a Reservation? 

A:    A reservation is not needed at Play Date, but is encouraged for Date Night on Fridays and Saturdays. 


Q: How do I Register? 

A:     Prior to coming to the Center, you are able to register on the website or in person, whatever is most convenient for you. You will be asked to complete the Registration Application and Release Form, as well as thoroughly read the Policies and Procedures. It is imperative for the health and safety of all children at Play Date that you abide by our Policies. 

Play Date is a Drop-In Childcare Center. Parents must be easily accessible and be able to be reached by cell phone during child’s visit. 

There is a $1 Late Fee every minute that a child is picked up after closing time. Please be aware that if a child is not picked up 1 hour after closing and we have not made contact with a parent, the Police will be alerted. Please be sure to contact us if you will be late. 

Payment is due when child is picked up. If payment is not made, a $5 per day late fee will be assessed. 

We accept most major credit and debit cards. We do not accept personal checks. 


Q: What occurs at Check-in? 

A:    Upon your first visit we will confirm all of your information. Your child will be checked into Play Date by a Staff member.  Parents are not allowed in Play Area for Safety reasons while other children are present.  

We welcome you any Saturday at 9:30 a.m. for a Tour, before we open at 10 a.m.  Please let Staff know in person or by calling to be added to the Tour List. 

You will be asked each time what your child’s first and last name is, how long they will be visiting at Play Date and who is picking child up, do they have any allergies, and any changes in Contact Information since last visit. 

*Staff must be able to reach the parent by telephone or cell phone during child’s stay. 

We are a NUT FREE facility. Please be sure to pack NUT FREE meals and snacks. Our snack times are 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and lunch and dinner are 12:00 and 5:30. We have a variety of meal and snack options available to purchase for lunch/dinner.  Subway will be available on request.  

Q: What occurs at Check-out? 

A:    When you enter the foyer of Play Date, Staff will be alerted by the doorbell and safety cameras. They will let your child know you have arrived, to gather their belongings, crafts completed, etc. and walk to the foyer to check out. For safety purposes, please do not enter the Play Area. 

You will be given the amount of time/minutes were used during your child’s stay. A photo ID is required in order to pick up your child to ensure their safety. 

Additionally, a child will only be released to persons designated on Family Profile. All monies owed to Play Date will be paid upon departure from visit. Any unpaid visits will incur a $5/day late fee. 


Q: Date Night Policy? 

A:    Date Night occurs on Friday and Saturday between the hours of 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm for 3 hours, pizza and lots of FUN!  


Q: Safety / Security and Staff Qualifications? 

A:    Safety and Security are of the utmost importance to everyone at Play Date. The activities and policies were created with this in mind. All Play Date staff members are certified in First Aid and CPR as well as our own comprehensive training within the Center.  Before being hired, candidates are put through extensive background checks, including criminal and employment screening and two personal interviews.  Our Staff is comprised of trained and experienced childcare professionals who must love working with children and bring special talents to work each day. 

A photo ID is required and verified in order to pick-up a child. Additionally, a child will only be released to persons designated on Family Profile. In situations of custody agreements, the center will follow the advice of court ordered documents, if provided. Complete emergency procedures are present and staff are trained to respond accordingly. We utilize video surveillance cameras which record activities in all areas of the center. 


 Q: Cleanliness? 

A:     At Play Date, we are dedicated to providing a clean, well-cared for, disinfected environment.   


Q: Snacks and Meals? 

A:      For your convenience, we have healthy option snacks for purchase at drop-off. Please tell Staff upon drop off of any new food allergies that must be noted in their Account.  

We have a microwave and refrigerator if needed. 

Purchasing lunch/dinner from Subway is an option.  

It is located conveniently next door. 

***We are a “NUT FREE” facility. *** 


Q: Personal Belongings? 

A:      We ask that all children wear their socks while playing at Play Date. That policy is in place for safety as well as cleanliness. Upon drop off all lunch bags, diaper bags, etc. will be labeled and placed in a designated area. To ensure a smooth transition occurs, we ask that you please take the time to label your child’s belongings.  Play Date values your child’s belongings, however, we are not responsible for anything left behind. It will be put up in lost and found for up to a month, then donated. In addition, we ask parents to refrain from bringing personal toys and belongings with you at drop off.  

No laptops, ipads, iphones etc are allowed, unless discussed and approved with Owner for a specific reason. 


Q: Nap Time? 

A:      Since we are a Drop-In Childcare Center, Play Date does not offer nap time, however we will allow the children rest time as they desire.  


Q: Illness and Emergency? 

A:       There are times when a child may become sick, cry uncontrollably, or experience an unexpected accident. To prevent the spread of germs, if your child(ren) show any signs of illness, he/she will be placed in a separate area away from other children. Since we not administer any medication (except the Epi-pen provided by family for the child with allergies), a Staff Member will contact the parent or authorized guardian for immediate pick-up of your child(ren). In the event of an injury to your child, the Center is equipped with a fully stocked First Aid kit, and all staff have First Aid and CPR training. In the event of an extreme medical emergency, the Play Date Staff will contact 911 for assistance. In this extreme case, parents will be notified immediately so that you can meet your child at the emergency facility, accompanied by the Owner or Staff Member. 

Any child who has or develops the following signs or symptoms of illness, parents will IMMEDIATELY be notified by staff for pick-up. The child will be isolated/checked out to his/her parent. 



-Stiff neck 

-Yellowish skin or eyes 

-Conjunctivitis (pink eye) 

-Elevated temperature 

-Untreated infected skin patches 

-Usually dark urine and/ or gray or white stools 

-Severe coughing, causing a child to become red in the face or make a whooping cough or sound 

Children are not allowed to return until ALL symptoms have subsided for 48 hours or able to provide a note from Doctor indicating the child is not contagious. 

-If there is evidence of lice, scabies, and other parasitic infestations, a child cannot return to the center unless these occurrences are gone. In the event of a communicable disease (chicken pox, mumps, measles, etc.) parents of other children in attendance at the same time will be notified by the Center. Before the child can return to drop-in childcare, we must have a note from a Doctor indicating child is not contagious. 


Q: Medication and Allergies? 

A:      Play Date Staff Members are unable to administer any medication with the exception of the following, to be used in life-threatening emergencies: such as Epi-pens, inhalers, insulin. Please let staff know when your child is on medication so that we may keep accurate information on file. If you have any additional questions about this policy, please ask to speak with Owner’s. 


Q: Special Needs? 

A:        Please make Play Date Staff aware of ANY special needs that your child may have. Each child should be able to play independently with our staff ratio. We try to accommodate all children’s needs when more attention is needed, but we cannot provide consistent 1:1 to any one child. 


Q: Behavior/ Incident Report Policy? 

A:       Children generally respond favorably to praise, encouragement and positive redirection to make good decisions. It is Play Date  policy to focus on positive behavior. There are other times when behavior warrants correction and time out/ cool down will be used. A Behavior Report will be completed and Parent’s will receive a courtesy call to become aware of the situation that they will need to sign report and may need to pick up child earlier than planned. Three Behavior Reports within a 90- day period will result in a 90- day suspension from Play Date. A more severe offense will result in the immediate suspension from Play Date. Because children grow and learn at an accelerated rate, after 90 days they will be allowed to return to try again. 

Despite the training and best efforts of the Staff, accidents and incidents inevitably occur. Should an incident occur during your child’s stay you will receive a written “Incident Report”. The Staff member on duty will sign the report, ask you to review it with him or her, and ask you to sign it for our records. At that time you can request to be emailed a copy. 


Q: Guidelines for Disenrollment? 

A:       Play Date will dis-enroll any child whose behavior creates a risk of harm to the health and safety towards themselves, other children and Staff. 


Q: Potty Reminders/ Toilet Training and Diapering? 

A:        Many young children are not fully toilet trained. If your child falls into this category, a complete change of clothing for their child each time they are dropped off to play. For your convenience, we can provide diapers for $1.00 or you may choose to bring your own, if desired. Our Staff will change any child who has an accident and each child that is toilet training will have Potty Reminders every 30 minutes. In the event that a child has soiled the replacement clothing, a $5 fee for a new pair of pull up cotton pants to ensure the cleanliness and to avoid any skin irritation will be added to the balance.  Upon drop-off the staff member will ask if your child is training or diapers and put them on a changing or reminder schedule during their visit.


Q: Lost and Found?

 A:   For items that are left behind, we will hold the items up to one month.