"Menu of Services" at Heritage Kids

Since we purchased this Center our main goal was to offer a convenient service at an affordable rate for parents and give the kids an experience they would love to come back to over and over. Now that we are independently owned and free from the old Franchise rates, we are happy to announce our new Pricing Menu of services. We kept things simple with easy to understand pricing that benefits families of all sizes.

Our new rates are now simplified to save money for families with one or multiple children.  Each hour your children are with us during their stay is discounted by $1.00/hr. and the 5th hours is Always FREE!  So the longer they need to stay, and the more siblings are here to play, the less you will have to pay.

We think you will enjoy our new Simple pricing and it will allow you to use the center more often, when you really need us.

We thank you for your business and we  look forward to seeing you soon! :-)